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Manual Therapy for Headaches and Head Trauma II: a focus on extra cranial dural and fascial influences on cranial and TMJ mechanics

Manual therapy for headaches and head trauma part 2 has been revised! Additional techniques have been added which more thoroughly address extracranial and myofascial influence(s) on cranial mechanics. This three-day course will begin with a review of the neuroanatomy of the head, upper neck and dural system. We will use Sphenobasilar (SB) strain pattern and temporal mobility testing as markers of cranial balance/imbalance with an emphasis on using any dysfunctional findings to make a specific cranial quadrant diagnosis. The goal will be to determine if there are extracranial and/or myofascial influences that are responsible for the dysfunctional SB strain pattern(s) and/or restricted temporal bone mobility. Spinal and cranial dural, myofascial trains and anterior cervical fascial release techniques will be included and their effect on dysfunctional SB strain patterns and/or restricted temporal mobility will be reassessed. Direct treatment of the Sphenobasilar strain patterns and a cranial based approach to the TMJ will also be presented. The course will conclude with home exercises for headache patients and their rationale for inclusion in treatment.

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