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Bookhout Seminars, LLC


Treatment Philosophy


Bookhout Seminar’s courses are purposely structured to be eclectic in design as we believe that there is no single way for approaching every patient. Our courses emphasize the importance of understanding and seeing in your mind’s eye, the functional anatomy under your palpating hands when evaluating and treating each patient. In addition to the anatomy we must also strive to understand the biomechanics of human movement and the interactions that take place not only throughout the musculo-skeletal system, but also in related body systems that occur with movement. We therefore take a systems approach in our evaluation and treatment, recognizing that chasing pain and focusing on the patient’s perception of pain often results in frustration for both the patient and the therapist with less than ideal outcomes.


Our courses therefore focus on teaching students both the functional anatomy and biomechanics of the area under study along with their interrelated systems. The selection of manual therapy techniques and exercises that we teach are based upon the experiences of Mark Bookhout from attending continuing education classes and teaching and treating patients for over 35 years. Patient’s reported satisfaction with this approach and the relevant evidence reported in the literature have also influenced the content of our courses.


As an example of our approach, if someone complains of pain in the knee, we teach you to consider looking not only at the knee, but also to examine the whole lower kinetic chain, including the pelvis and the spine. In addition we teach you to consider not just the articular (joint) and ligamentous relationships, but to also examine and treat the nervous and vasculature systems, and palpate for rigidity in the lines of force in the bones of the lower extremity. We also assess and treat the fascial connections that influence the biomechanics for normal movement of the knee.

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