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Manual Therapy for Headaches and Head Trauma: Part 1
This three day course will focus on the evaluation and treatment of the head and upper cervical spine as it relates to headaches and the aftermath of head trauma. A thorough review of the neuroanatomy of this area will be presented. Laboratory experience will include evaluation and treatment  of the upper cervical spine and explore its relationship to the Trigeminal nerve. Assessment of the cranium will include introduction of listening at the vertex as a tool to distinguish between osseous, stutural, membranous or encephalon restrictions in the cranium. Treatment techniques will include recoil, direct, indirect and exaggeration methods to address sutural, membrainous and osseous restrictions in the cranium. Neuromobilization techniques for the nerves presumed to be involved in the propagation of head pain will be presented. Venous sinus drainage techniques and viscoelastic techniques for the encephalon will also be included.

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